Referrals are the reason WRO exists.  Before giving a member a referral, contact should be made with the person and/or business being referred.  Except for unusual circumstances, a referral should always be a “warm” lead.  Referrals are not required on a weekly basis.  The emphasis of the referrals will be on value given.

At every meeting members will be given the opportunity to announce any referrals they have that week.  If a member does not have a referral, that member is encouraged to speak about recent business completed with another member or discuss referrals they are working towards.

In order to increase referrals, members are encouraged to create sub-groups with other members that are in your business sphere.  Those sub-groups can try to create additional ways to increase business for the members of that group.

Members are encouraged to meet outside the meeting to get better acquainted with other members of the group in order to increase referrals.