Blake and Associates

Blake and Associates, Inc. Physical Therapy

Blake & Associates, Inc. is the premier physical therapy office on Cincinnati’s West side. Patients have enjoyed our services for over 40 years, as we are the longest standing physical therapy private practice in the Cincinnati area. We specialize in a variety of treatments, including pre- and post-surgery therapy, TMJ rehabilitation, fall prevention programs with the Biodex balance system, total spine care, gait disorders, certified Graston technique of myofascial release, and more. Our patients enjoy private treatment rooms, a state-of-the-art gym, and individual one-on-one appointments with one of our highly trained licensed therapists. In addition to traditional physical therapy, our facility offers fitness improvement and flexibility programs, a self-directed maintenance program, private yoga, and medical massage therapy.

Our therapists have almost 150 years of combined experience and truly enjoy helping patients succeed. We utilize our combined experience and knowledge base, intrinsic sensitivity, and an occasional dash of humor to provide the best possible care for patients of all ages and physical conditions. Our therapists hold several certifications and specializations, including the Graston Technique, brain injury rehabilitation, tempero-mandibular joint dysfunction, orthopedics, prosthetics, and more.

Therapists include:

  • Susan C. DiOrio, PT, M.Ed.
  • Christine Maag, PT
  • Becca Metz, PT, DPT
  • Cassandra Parker, PT, DPT, CBIS
  • Michelle Zeiser, PT, DPT
  • Jessica Sexton, PT, MPT
  • Kimberly Broughton, MPT

Blake & Associates was founded by Catherine (Katie) Blake in 1978 and was the first private physical therapy practice in Cincinnati, OH. When Katie passed away in 2007, Sue DiOrio and Christine Maag became the new owners of Blake & Associates. Blake & Associates is guided by Katie’s original philosophy of providing superior care with a personal touch that is so often missing in today’s changing health care system. We strive to help our patients improve their quality of life and return to their usual daily level of activity or higher.

Address: 5754 Bridgetown Road, Suite B2
Cincinnati, OH 45248
Phone: 513-661-6555
Fax: 513-661-6556