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Theresa Amwake                   Ken Krumpelbeck                  Jon Colvin
Smartcat Marketing               Centennial Business Prod     TeamLogic IT
Solutions Ad Specialty           Printer Toner Supplies           Information Technology





Dan Cronin                             OPEN                                  OPEN
Cronin Financial Services      TBD                                      TBD
Financial Services                  Hearing Doctor                     Cosmetics





Kevin Reperowitz                   Mary Hassett                        Open
Sage Financial Group            Mathew P. Roth & Co.          TBD
Financial Services                  CPA Firm                              Coupon Magazine





Jen Griffin                             Jim Balog                               Tristen Vanderyt
Venture OutLoud                  My Handyman                       Ryt’s Lawn Care
Digital Marketing                  Remodeling Construction      Landscaper  





Tara Nieman                          Open                                      Tina Paff
LMT & Esthetician                 TBD                                        Bick’s Driving School
Massage Therapist                Painter                                   Driving School





Open                                      Tim Roedersheimer               Lisa Russell
TBD                                        Deerfield Digital Printing        Five Star Collision
Laywer                                    Printer                                    Body Shop






Amy Meyer                            Vicki Dirr                                Amy Davis
Huesman Schmid Ins            Hillebrand Home Health        RapidFit
Insurance                               Home Health Care                Personal Training






OPEN                                    Susan DiOrio                          Anna & Ron Bisher
TBD                                       Blake & Assoc PT                   Coldwell Banker
Funeral Home                       Physical Therapy                     Realtor





OPEN                                    OPEN                                   OPEN
TBD                                       TBD                                      TBD
Carpet & Uphoistery              Cell Phone                            Dentist





Mike Cook                              Scott Riehle
Air Authority                            First Data
HVAC                                     Credit Card Processing