How do I join?
You need to attend your first meeting and decide.  Visit our Meeting page for more information.
How many votes are required for acceptance into the networking group?
To gain membership into the group, at least 75 percent of the membership must vote yes.  You increase your chances if during your probation period you:

  • Try to get to know the current members by having one on one meetings with each member.
  • Attend all meetings and arrive on time.
  • Come prepared for your marketing minute.
  • Pass referrals to the existing members.
  • Invite others to attend our meetings and encourage them to join.
What is required of me once I join?
WRO requires the following to maintain good standing in the group:

  1. Pass referrals each month
  2. Attend each meeting yourself or get a sub for the meeting.  You can only miss 2 meetings over a 6 month period.
  3. Recruit new members to join WRO.

What is an “Exclusive Membership”?
Click Here to find out.
How much does it cost?
There is no cost to come to your first meeting and there is no cost while on probation. Click here for more details.
Is there a dress code?
Our members work in a wide range of fields so dress code is required.  Since our meetings occur in the morning most members dress for work.