The goal of WRO is to continue to increase membership, thereby increasing the referrals given.  However, membership in WRO is a privilege.  With that in mind, any prospective new members will enter the group on a probationary basis.  The probationary period will be three months.  During the three months, the new member will be required to meet all regular requirements of WRO, including attendance.  There will not be any dues collected during the probation period.  During the probation period, the new member will be encouraged to meet with each current member of the group.  After the three months, the existing membership shall vote to accept the new member.  A 75% vote is needed to become a member of WRO.  Upon acceptance, the new member will pay pro-rated dues for the year.

Interested in becoming a Member?  We suggest you attend one of our meetings by visiting our Meeting page.

When you become a member of the Westside Referral Organization, you will be part of a well performing network group.  The group is made up of many diverse companies that are represented by high-quality business professionals that will introduce your business to their friends, family, and clients giving you the referral sources you need to grow your business. To avoid any conflict of interest, only one person from any given profession is allowed to join our networking group.

Our membership is very diverse and contains individuals from many different business disciplines including both business to business and business to consumer markets.  It is our goal and it will be your goal to make every member of our group an extension of your personal sales force. We believe that the more we know about your business, the more sales leads we can generate for you.

We currently meet bi-weekly on the west side of Cincinnati, but our member’s service the entire Greater Cincinnati area.  Please visit our Meeting page to find out when we meet and who to contact to let us know you will be attending.

For more details on our current list of membership and to see if we don’t currently have your profession represented please visit our Directory of Members page.